Adventure at Gunung Krakatau, Indonesia

Krakatau island, image by: indonesia.travel

Krakatau island, image by: indonesia.travel

Gunung Krakatau is one of the most seeking places for adventure or trip by tourists. It is very famous among domestic tourist in Indonesia. This place can compete with other natural spaces in Indonesia for the lovers of nature. Lampung, the place of Krakatau, is still full of nature scenery complete with good weather as well as attractive tourist destinations. Krakatau itself is surrounded by several small islands which offer great experience for your holiday ranging from beautiful scenery of the small mountain of Krakatau, lagoon, up to snorkeling and seeing dolphins.

Travel agencies for Gunung Krakatau package

Well, there are a lot of travel agencies which offer many packages for the tourists. You can take advantage from one of travel agencies because they definitely offer interesting tour package for Gunung Krakatau. You will be able to hike the mountain as well as enjoying the great natural atmosphere with beaches and paradise down there in around the islands surrounding the Krakatau. And this destination is highly recommended for you who love to backpack and having cheap trip but worth it. You just need to spend like around 50 US dollars, exclude the snorkeling equipment. You better take the ship from Banten to Lampung though.

Destination around Gunung Krakatau

As we have said earlier, there are a lot of places you can see. It is not only about the mountain but also there are a lot of hidden paradises like small islands around the mountain. The islands give you chance to see the beautiful beach and coastal fresh air. We can say it is one of cheap trips with very beautiful scenery. The aquatic life is worth it to be visited as well. Other than that, you will find Krakatau Nature Reserve which is one of the world heritage sites. You should go to Gunung Krakatau.

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