Wakatobi, Wonderful Paradise from Sulawesi

Wakatobi is one of the most beautiful diving spots in Indonesia. And also, this place is very famous and popular among tourists both domestic and foreign. It is no wonder because this place is very reach in natural scenery especially about under water life. If you do not want to do diving or at least snorkeling, […]

Interesting Destination In Ubud Bali

Interesting destination in Ubud Bali will be shared in this occasion for you who really love to travel and explore somewhere new. Who doesn’t fall in love with Bali? This island is the great place for spending holiday, honeymoon or just refreshing. If you have a plan to go to Bali in this summer, but you […]

Things To Know In Pulau Komodo

Things to know in Pulau Komodo will be shared in this article to enrich your own knowledge about one of beautiful islands in Indonesia. As we know, Pulau Komodo is the one of 7 wonders in the world. Pulau Komodo consists of 3 other islands; there are Pulau Komodo, Pulau Padar, and also Pulau Rinca. There […]

5 Indonesia Sights are most popular in the world

Indonesia has long been world renowned as one of the areas which are very beautiful. The proof, every year has always been a lot of foreign tourists visiting the country for a vacation. They come to sights that Indonesia did have amazing natural beauty. One island of the gods, Pulau Dewata in local language, Bali. […]