Puncak Jayawijaya, the One of Highest Highlands in Indonesia

Puncak Jayawijaya is very popular among the tourist. And people who love hiking will definitely go there for new adventure. It is located at West Papua. For your information, this mountain is the highest among Oceania and Australia though. And basically, this mount is kind of limestone mountain. The world trekker will definitely hunt this place […]

Tourist Destination at Flores – Gunung Kelimutu

Gunung Kelimutu is one of the popular destinations at Flores Island. Flores Island is not a big islang like Sumatera or Kalimantan but it has very beautiful scenery. The mountain is just one of them. If you can climb and hike the climb up to the top, you will see the great scenery you will never […]

Adventure at Gunung Krakatau, Indonesia

Gunung Krakatau is one of the most seeking places for adventure or trip by tourists. It is very famous among domestic tourist in Indonesia. This place can compete with other natural spaces in Indonesia for the lovers of nature. Lampung, the place of Krakatau, is still full of nature scenery complete with good weather as well […]

3 Best Spots in Rinjani Mountain

Rinjani Mountain has its exoticism levels for mountaineers and tourists. This volcano is located in Rinjani Mountain National Park having its interesting folktales and nature beauties. There are also some special spots that should be visited. Here is the list of most favorite spots in this mountain. Rinjani Mountain Pelawangan Pelawangan Sembalun Lawang is definitely a […]

Ijen Caldera Is a Spot to See Blue Fire

Ijen Caldera is a famous tourism object that is widely known by both domestic and international tourists. It is well-known with the nature beauty. It is located in Banyuwangi with width of 92 hectare. Ijen Caldera is in the high of 2.368 m. This caldera is about 20 m with depth of more than 300 m. […]

4 Activities That Should Be in Bromo Mountain

Bromo Mountain is one of active volcanoes and famously to be an interesting tourism object. This mountain is located in Tengger Bromo National Park. This mountain is very appealing due to the status of active volcano. Bromo has high 2.392 m in four regions. Visiting to this mountain will bring joys because there are some interesting […]

5 Indonesia Sights are most popular in the world

Indonesia has long been world renowned as one of the areas which are very beautiful. The proof, every year has always been a lot of foreign tourists visiting the country for a vacation. They come to sights that Indonesia did have amazing natural beauty. One island of the gods, Pulau Dewata in local language, Bali. […]