Danau Toba (Lake Toba), the Biggest Lake in Southeast Asia

Toba lake and samosir

The biggest lake in Southeast Asia is located in North Sumatra of Indonesia. It is called Danau Toba (Lake Toba). It even has an island in its center, Pulau Samosir (Samosir islands). History of Danau Toba and Pulau Samosir said that a long time ago, approximately between 73,000 and 75,000 years ago, a volcano, Toba mountain, had erupted in this area. The eruption was so magnificent that historian believed the eruption made population of humans at the time decreasing into 60%. After the eruption ceased, caldera had come. As the years go by water filled the caldera and it became Danau Toba. High pressure because of clogging magma made Pulau Samosir born.

If you want to go to Danau Toba and Pulau Samosir, from Polonia airport in Medan you could rent private taxi to go to Parapat. Parapat is village in the side of Danu Toba. Beware of taxi fee from airport to Parapat. If you want to get affordable taxis, you can find them outside airport. In Parapat, you could see that there are many hotels along the road from luxury hotels to cheaper hotels. There are two ways to reach Pulau Samosir from Parapat. First by ferry boat from Tiga Raja port and second by car crossing the bridge in Pangururan.

In Pulau Samosir there are two places that you should visit, Tomok village and Tuk Tuk. In Tomok village you can see graves and statues from pre-history era. Whereas Tuk Tuk is famous for its beautiful view of Danau Toba. Do not forget to taste local foods of Danau Toba and Pulau Samosir for examples mie gomak, arsik ikan mas, saksang, lampet cake and goreng gadong cake. Special for saksang, this food contains pork. So for you who are moslems be careful if you see saksang on the menu. Happy holiday.

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