Ijen Caldera Is a Spot to See Blue Fire

Ijen Caldera is a famous tourism object that is widely known by both domestic and international tourists. It is well-known with the nature beauty. It is located in Banyuwangi with width of 92 hectare. Ijen Caldera is in the high of 2.368 m. This caldera is about 20 m with depth of more than 300 m. It becomes the right spot to see nature beauty and blue fire.

Ijen Caldera Is a Spot to See Blue Fire

Ijen Caldera Is a Spot to See Blue Fire

Seeing Blue Fire Phenomenon

Enjoying mountain situation becomes a distinct interest for those visiting to Ijen Caldera. When you come to this caldera, you can see directly nature phenomenon of Blue Fire. This phenomenon can be relished from early days to dawn at 5.00 a.m. Try to capture it earlier. There is another nature panorama found in this caldera. It shows bluish green tint color hypnotizing every visitor coming to the place.

Viewing Sunrise

Another activity that can be conducted in Ijen Caldera is viewing sunrise. You can see the sunrise at morning. It is one of interesting things when you visit to this caldera. The sunrise panorama is very magnificent and amazingly beautiful that is most waited by visitors. It is better to bring camera to capture moments of sunrise in this caldera.

Joining in Sulfur Miners

When you go round Ijen Caldera, you will respect life. You will see many sulfur miners passing around the caldera bringing heavy sulfur load. The sulfur miners have been using traditional ways to mine the sulfur. Molten sulfur is transferred through pipes from volcanic gas source containing sulfur. The gas is channeled from pipe getting out in the form of molten sulfur. Those sulfur miners usually take sulfur on foot and climb down caldera along 3 km. It is not easy thing to do because they have to dig it first and shoulder sulfur. It is an amazingly touching view to regard life.

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