Pantai Kuta Bali, Number One Destination in Bali

Kuta bali beach

Who doesn’t know Kuta beach in Bali? Most of international tourist know this famous beach. Yes, Kuta beach or in Indonesian called Pantai Kuta Bali is number one tourist spot. It has white sands and great waves for surfing. Nowadays there are several water sports has been offered in Kuta beach, along with several local food sellers and stands. Kuta beach also famous for spotting the sunset. In clear days, you can see the orange-round sun setting into the sea. That is why in the evening before sunset, Kuta beach is full packed with people.

There are many public transportations to Pantai Kuta Bali. It takes only 10 minutes from Ngurah Rai airport (the main airport in Bali) to Kuta whereas from Gilimanuk port only takes 20 minutes. Because of this place is number one destination in Bali, you will see a lot of restaurants, stores, bars, hotels surrounding Kuta beach. For amateur surfer or beginner, the waves in Kuta beach is perfect for you to upgrade your skills. When you already feel confident with your skills then you can move on to another beach in Bali with greater waves.

One weakness from Kuta beach is dirty. Because of so many people going there especially in holiday season, trashes are scattered and piled along the beach. This problem has been concerned by visitors who went there. Each morning and night the villagers and officers try to clean Kuta beach area. However do not make this problem stop you for coming to Kuta beach. The view is still amazing to be watched, the sun is still bright enough for you to lie on the sand and the water is still cool enough for you to enjoy surfing or another water sport. It doesn’t complete if you do not go to Pantai Kuta Bali while you are visiting Bali. Happy holiday.

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