Puncak Jayawijaya, the One of Highest Highlands in Indonesia

Puncak Jayawijaya is very popular among the tourist. And people who love hiking will definitely go there for new adventure. It is located at West Papua. For your information, this mountain is the highest among Oceania and Australia though. And basically, this mount is kind of limestone mountain. The world trekker will definitely hunt this place for their next destination. If you are lucky, you can see and feel the snowflakes while you are on the top of the mountain even though Indonesia is in the tropic climate. Other than that, there is icy river which you will never find in other place ever. This mountain is one of the Seven Summit. It cannot be denied if the uniqueness is the main attraction which seeks by all adventurers around the world.

Puncak jayawijaya mountain

Puncak Jayawijaya, image source: ksmtour.com

How to get to Puncak Jayawijaya

Well, to reach this place it requires generous budget and it is not recommended for you who want to be a backpacker tourist even not a chance. First of all, if you are from out of Papua, you should stop by on the Illaga. After that, the trekking is needed and you will go through wild nature space like deep forest with native animals in it. Normally, it takes 7 days to reach the main point. This option is kind of hard, especially for beginner. So, you can take helicopter which will send you to the campsite of Puncak Jayawijaya. It is located at Danau Valley. This way is highly recommended, considering the forest is just very dangerous.

Knick-knacks from Papua

Accessories and handmade stuffs are so many in there. They have a lot of things you should buy since you already reached Papua. The chocolate is very tasteful. Other than that you can taste snack called sarang semut plus herbs from red fruits with good impact for your body. Just prepare your trip to Puncak Jayawijaya.

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