Seeing Temple on the Sea in Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is one of popular tourism objects in Bali offering nature beauty of beach with some picturesque panoramas. It is located in Tabanan regency that can be taken 45 minutes from Kuta Beach. This tourism object has two temples located on the big stone. Tourists will never get disappointed when visit this tourism object.

Tanah lot temple

Beautiful Sunset in Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is actually a right spot to savor sunset scenery. It makes Tanah Lot has many visitors at afternoon. Moreover, there is a Kecak Dance show with sunset background performed in which it gets interest of more visitors to see a natural phenomenon. It is a spectacular collaboration between nature beauty and Balinese dance performances. The sunset panorama becomes an interesting view for those tourists visiting to Tanah Lot. It gets tourists never bored on having holiday there. If you want to find the best sunset panorama in Bali especially Tanah Lot, you should come there at summer. Rainy is not a perfect time to have it. You will miss that special phenomenon at rainy.

Being Temples on the Sea in Tanah Lot

In addition to see the beauty of sunset in Tanah Lot, tourists can explore the other nature beauties of this object. Tourists can play waves of sea or white sand in the edge of beach. Capturing photos there becomes an interesting activity to record moments during holiday. You may take it with background of two temples on the sea. There are two temples located in a small island on the sea being uniqueness of Tanah Lot. As you visit it at low tide, you can across the sea to reach this small island and explore it. It is a rare moment that can be found when you visit Tanah Lot. If you do not meet this low tide, it is enough to capture pictures and photos with sea and sunset backgrounds.

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