Wakatobi, Wonderful Paradise from Sulawesi

Wakatobi is one of the most beautiful diving spots in Indonesia. And also, this place is very famous and popular among tourists both domestic and foreign. It is no wonder because this place is very reach in natural scenery especially about under water life. If you do not want to do diving or at least snorkeling, you can still swimming or just splashing the water at the beach. The beach offers wonderful atmosphere, fresh coastal air, and also beautiful scenery. This place is located at Southeast Sulawesi. And the name of this place is referred to four main islands of it such as Wangiwangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko. And the main attraction of this place is the underwater scenery. So, if you have a chance to go to Sulawesi, please manage your time to visit this place though.

Wakatobi, wakatobi.com

Wakatobi, wakatobi.com

Transportation to reach Wakatobi

Well, there are several transportation options you can choose. Nowadays you can use airplane because there is Matahora airport at Wangiwangi and you can get there from Makassar. You can also go there from Kendari. Other than that, you can try the sea transportation by ship from Kendari to Bau-bau to Wangiwangi and Kendari to Wangiwangi directly. Wangiwangi Island is the main door to enter the main site of Wakatobi.

The accommodation in Wakatobi

Nowadays there are a lot of inn choices ranging from resort, hotel, up to the villagers’ houses. They will rent it to the tourist with cheaper price than hotel or other accommodation facilities. Commonly, the tourists will choose Wangiwangi as the place to stay at night. Well, the price is adjusted with the place and facilities. But if you choose a resort, you definitely should pay more. You do not need to worry because the options are varies then you can adjust it with your budget. But backpacker with very limited budget is not recommended in Wakatobi.

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